You need To Start Flashing Your Balls…. For Safety Purposes


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You need To Start Flashing Your Balls…. For Safety Purposes

It's not every day that you manage to see a pair of swinging errr...testicles on the road (but hey, it's a free world and I’m not here to judge), and it's even rare that you can stand up and say it out loudly in pride that a pair of balls might be the reason that you're alive.

That's because as peculiar and preposterous as it is, "Bike Balls" - a pair of glowing silicon bicycle light that resembles a male's gooseberries - might just address the problem faced by cyclists by attracting the attention of road users in order to make them more in tuned with the visibility of cyclists - especially under poor visual conditions.

Created by the Bike Balls Team and funded by Kickstarter, Bike Balls have been on sale since 2015 on various websites, including FireboxAmazon and Kickstarter.

The balls are also waterproof, durable and has three different light modes, plus it’s also fairly simple to use, all you have to do is give them a gentle squeeze, hang them at the rear of your bicycle and voila! Your pair of swinging Bike Balls are certain to attract the attention of ball lovers’ curious drivers.

Well that’s pretty ballsy (I just had to insert a pun, forgive me) I would say, but then again, there’s never been a better time to proudly flash your pair in public.

You can read more about Bike Balls here, and watch a video clip below:


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