You'll Have to Be Very Curious to Try These Bizarre Japanese Snacks

Strange inventions of the culinary kind.

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You'll Have to Be Very Curious to Try These Bizarre Japanese Snacks

In recent decades, many people have come to think of Japan as being a centre of inventiveness and creativity. Japanese creativity extends to snacks as well. From the fun to the downright weird, here are some of these Japanese snacks:

1. Moko Moko Mokolet

Also known as toilet candy, you basically mix it with water and slurp it out of a cheerful looking miniature toilet bowl.


2. Octopus Ice cream

Available at theme park Namco Land's ice cream amusement section, Ice Cream City. People say it tastes like vanilla and yes, octopus.

via Pinterest


3. Canned Bread

Available from the neighbourhood vending machine.

via Incredible Things


4. Mountain Dew Cheetos

If you like Mountain Dew and Cheetos, you can now enjoy them together. This snack brings you a soft drink in crunchy form.

via Spark Notes


5. Ice Cucumber Pepsi

Artificially flavoured to taste like a refreshing cold cucumber on a hot summer's day.

via Epic Portions


6. Curry Flavoured Ramune

Ramune is a popular fizzy lemonade in Japan, which features a unique opening method. If you've tried their regular flavour, it's now time to get hot and spicy.

via Tofu Cute


7. Sasebo Burger Drops

If you fancy having your burger in the shape of a small sweet, than this burger flavoured candy is the way to go.

via Foodette Reviews


8. Chocolate covered Squid

Hopefully not anyone's first choice for a Valentine's day gift.

via Food For Thought

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