Zenonia 4 Mini Review

Single player hack and slash. The Zenonia series is reminiscent of the Dynasty Warrior series.

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Zenonia 4 Mini Review

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Score: 7/10


  • Good gameplay
  • Well animated art
  • Sound effects lands correctly
  • 4 different playstyles


  • Story is lackluster
  • Some cut scenes can't be skipped
  • Introduction has a music bug
  • Cheats are done with in app purchase

If you've played one of the past Zenonia games before, you'll know what to expect in this installment.

For those of you whom are unaware, Zenonia 4 is the second latest in the series of action RPG made for mobile. The combat is fast, quick and never tallies for too long.

The story is lackluster and it is about the main character being sent back in time to save the world. You level up, progress, upgrade your equipment and learn skills. And that's basically it.

The game sells you on the fluid combat, and amazing art, and in these, it delivers.




The game is fun if you enjoy hack and slash games.

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