Zynga is Bringing Yet Another 'With Friends' Game to Mobile

This time, it's Crosswords with Friends.

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Zynga is Bringing Yet Another 'With Friends' Game to Mobile

One of Zynga's best know games is Farmville, but one of their most profitable games is 'Words with Friends' where players basically play Scrabble on their mobiles with a groups of friends who are logged into the same session. This game is actually part of a series of multiplayer word games Zynga has developed for the mobile platform, which carry the 'With Friends' tag.

Now Zynga has teamed up with People magazine to bring yet another game from the 'With Friends' franchise to life, namely Crosswords with Friends. With this free game app, players will be able to solve themed crossword puzzles on a daily basis, with a unique theme each day.

Viewing the game trailer will give you a sense of how the game works, and the puzzles look really challenging. So if you're a crossword puzzle enthusiast, you don't have to scour the newspaper each day for free puzzles, just download this game for free, and it's available now, even as you're reading this.

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