7 Foods That You Can Only Find in Okinawa

Cuisine that's different from the rest of Japan.

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7 Foods That You Can Only Find in Okinawa

Okinawa is an island in the south of Japan that maintains its own distinct culture that's rather different from the rest of Japan. Due to its proximity to Korea and Taiwan, the food here tends to feature more stir fry and other cooking techniques which are uncommon up north.

These are some of Okinawa's signature dishes:


1. Goya Champuru

Champuru means to mix, and is a style of stir frying common in Okinawa. One popular champuru dish uses goya, or bitter gourd fried with a bit of egg and seasonings.

via Lady Iron Chef


2. Taco Rice

This dish features typical taco fillings like tomato, lettuce, beans and cheese on a plate of rice.

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3. Umi Budo or Sea Grapes

They look just like seaweed, until you look closer and see the little round 'bubbles' at the end. Umi budo is usually eaten as a chilled salad with some vinegar and soy sauce.

via Lady Iron Chef


4. Yagi Sashimi

Yagi actually means goat meat, and here you can enjoy it raw and fresh

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5. Sata Andagi

Also called Okinawa doughnuts, these snacks are more dense than conventional doughnuts and come in in round shapes

via Froschmann@Flickr


6. Benimo 

Benimo is a type of purple coloured sweet potato and Okinawans love turning it into various food items like ice cream, cakes and tarts.

via Okinawa Labo


7. Rafute

A thick slab of pork belly stewed in soy sauce and sugar make this Royal Okinawan dish a must try.

via Tsunagu Japan


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