7 Instant Meals From Japan That Aren't Noodles

You'll never believe these meals could be instant.

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7 Instant Meals From Japan That Aren't Noodles

Japan is known as the land where instant noodles or instant ramen originated. Today there are several thousands of instant noodles available with different flavours and noodle types available. However, there are other types of meals that come in an instant form, and here they are:

1. Chicken Scrambled Eggs

Known as Oyakodon, all you have to do is add hot water to this freeze dried omelette with chicken pieces and place it over some rice

via DigJapan


2. Instant Chahan Mix

Pour these instant mixes into a steaming bowl of rice and mix it in to enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese fried rice.

via Japan Info


3. Instant Curry Rice

The perfect hot meal for those too tired to cook. These instant meals offer curry and rice together, which you can microwave for a few minutes before eating.

via Japan Info


4. Crab Flavoured Zousui

Zousui is a type of porridge where cooked rice is eaten with a soup. This instant zousui requires some hot water and a few minutes of patience.

via Tamkaism


5. Three Cheese Cream Pasta

via DigJapan


6. Blue Curry

This curry is blue with bits of white cream chicken within it, to recreate the snowy shores of Hokkaido. The curry tastes exactly like a mild Indian curry, despite its colour.

via DigJapan


7. Instant Miso Soup

These soups are dehydrated into a paste and all you have to do is add hot water. There are many versions, each with various types of vegetables and even tofu.

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