Kintsugi: The Art of Repairing Broken Ceramic With Gold

Even more beautiful than before.

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Kintsugi: The Art of Repairing Broken Ceramic With Gold

Whenever we accidentally drop a ceramic plate, bowl or cup, and it breaks into several pieces, we usually sweep everything up and throw it into a bin. However, in Japan, there exists an art form where broken ceramics are repaired with lacquer dusted with gold or mixed with gold, silver or platinum powder. These ceramics then carry lovely gold lines which give them an ethereal appearance.

Legend has it that an ancient Japanese lord had his favourite tea bowl broken and sent it back to China to be repaired. It came back with iron staples, and the Lord wasn't pleased with what he considered an unsatisfactory repair technique. He then commissioned his own artisans to develop a more aesthetically pleasing repair technique. Lo and behold, the Kintsugi method was born.

Enjoy the surreal beauty of these Kintsugi pieces:

via Giusto Manetti 


via Pomax at Flickr


via Lotte Decker/Ars Electronica


via Lakeside Pottery


via Kin Tsugi Denmark


via Kintsugi Gifts


via Etsy

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